Valero Energy Ltd is preparing plans for a proposed £100 million investment in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Cogeneration Unit at Pembroke Refinery



The refinery currently imports approximately 41 megawatts of electricity from the National Grid to power various on-site process facilities. The refinery has a significant steam demand that is generated by on-site boilers.


The project while continuing to be evaluated by Valero is proposed to provide the refinery’s electrical power and support its steam demands. Valero has configured the project to efficiently generate electricity whilst using the waste heat arising from this combustion process to produce super-heated steam for use within the refinery. The use of waste heat and the production of steam usefully increases the overall efficiency of the electrical generation plant.


With the UK refining industry facing numerous challenges, the project aims to ensure Pembroke Refinery – which is one of the leading employers in south Wales and is one of Europe’s largest and most complex refineries – continues to be successful in the competitive global market.

The proposed project is a Development of National Significance (DNS) under the Planning (Wales) Act 2015, as it seeks to construct a generating station with an installed generating capacity of between 10 and 50 megawatts.


As a DNS, the proposed project is required to comply with the Developments of National Significance (Procedure) (Wales) Order 2016, which among other matters, defines the required pre-application publicity requirements and public consultation requirements, including the publication of the application on a website.


This website provides details of Valero’s proposed plans for the CHP Cogeneration Unit and when application documents are ready, these will be placed on this website. Please use this website to keep up with the latest news, project information and to get in touch with our project team. We welcome your feedback and ongoing participation in the development of this project.

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Update, 1st March 2018: Pembroke Refinery’s CHP Cogen Project has received final approval from Valero Energy Corporation. Visit ‘Latest News’ for more information.

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